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What is Dirty Bomb?
Dirty Bomb
24.08.2014 um 12:01 Uhr - dIaBo10s

London! Fish and chips! Organized crime! Corrupt oligarchs! Dodgy financial institutions! Old things!

When a dozen radiological dirty bombs go off, forcing the sudden evacuation of the entire city center, there's a lot left back in the contaminated zone. Some of it needs to be safely extracted. Some of it needs to disappear pronto. Overnight there's urgent demand for people who don't mind getting their hands dirty. And with demand comes supply. Private Military Companies (PMCs) and their hired mercenaries the world over flock to London to do whatever people will pay for. The "making things go boom" business in London is booming. So Merc up. It’s time to #PlayDirty.

In Dirty Bomb you build a roster of unique Mercs and take them onto the abandoned streets of London to fight for valuable intel, loot and honour. It’s high tempo, first person team based combat. From escorting Extraction Vehicles to wiping data servers, crashing armoured trains to flooding Underground stations, Dirty Bomb has compelling primary and secondary objectives that provide you with a variety of ways to go about completing your mission.


Link: Splash Damage

Titanfall - PC-Version 48 Stunden lang kostenlos spielen
21.06.2014 um 13:12 Uhr - dIaBo10s











Electronic Arts startet mit Origin Game Time eine neue Kostenlos-Aktion über seine digitale Vertriebsplattform Origin. Für eine bestimmte Zeit werden Spiele aus dem EA-Portfolio kostenlos spielbar sein. Den Anfang macht Titanfall.

Link: GameStar

Battlefield: Hardline: Anmeldung zur Closed Beta ab sofort möglich
09.06.2014 um 22:59 Uhr - dIaBo10s




Electronic Arts und DICE machen große Schritte in Richtung Release von Battlefield Hardline. Noch vor der Pressekonferenz auf der E3 stellte man eine Internetseite online, auf der ihr euch ab sofort für die geschlossene Beta-Phase anmelden könnt.

Battlefield: Hardline - Anmeldung zur Closed Beta ab sofort möglich [Update]


Link: Play Nation

Verlosung Beta Key
26.05.2014 um 08:53 Uhr - dIaBo10s


Nimm an unserer Verlosung teil und gewinne einen von sieben Beta Keys für Dirty Bomb! 

Das einzige was du dazu machen musst, beantworte folgen drei Fragen richtig und sende uns die Lösung bis zum 14.6.2014 über unser Kontaktformular ein.


Frage 1: Wann startete die Alpha von Dirty Bomb?

Frage 2: In welcher Stadt spielt Dirty Bomb?

Frage 3: Wer ist der Entwickler von Dirty Bomb?



Schnell sein lohnt sich, denn die ersten richtigen Einsendungen Gewinnen!

Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Wolfenstein4Ever

Viel Glück !



Take part in our prize draw and win one of seven beta keys for Dirty Bomb! 

The only thing you need to do, answer the three questions correctly and send us the solution to 14.06.2014 through our contact form.


Question 1: When the Alpha started by Dirty Bomb? 

Question 2: In what city plays dirty bomb? 

Question 3: Who is the developer of Dirty Bomb? 


Pays to be quick, because the first correct entries win! 

With the kind support of Wolfenstein4Ever

Good Luck !



Extraction is Dead, Long Live Dirty Bomb
Dirty Bomb
22.05.2014 um 21:41 Uhr - dIaBo10s

Remember when Dirty Bomb went to PAX last year and came back as Extraction? Yeah, about that…

Long story short, the game’s back to being called Dirty Bomb. This not only better reflects its personality, but also ensures that we have a single, consistent name across the globe. On top of that, we get to use #PlayDirty on Twitter (#LetsExtract just didn't quite have the same ring to it - well, except for dentists, maybe). If you want to find out more about the rebrand, check out theofficial press release.

To celebrate this name un-change, Nexon’s teaser website for the game has received a fresh coat of paint and beta sign-ups have reopened. If you want to help us test Dirty Bomb, get on over there and put your name down for a chance to be part of the beta.

In related news, Nexon have also confirmed that there will be dedicated servers available for Dirty Bomb in North America, Eruope, Australia and New Zealand. Yay.

We’ll have much more news about Dirty Bomb soon. Stay tuned!


Link: SD